Sunday, April 4, 2010

History of the Fillet Pro Fish Cleaning Table

I early 2008 I was looking for something to do to make a little extra money. My Buddy Doc came up with this idea to sell synthetic thatch for Tiki Huts. Only problem was we had no way to display the product. So I decided to build a fish cleaning tiki to show the product off. So I designed a cool looking fish cleaning table to go with the tiki.

The Fillet Pro concept was born with the first design and evolved into what is now a finished product two years later. The knife slots, bagging stations, beverage holders and bucket holder was added to the base design. There was several issues with the first prototypes that were frustrating to resolve. The process used to build the fish cleaning table is called Rotational Molding. A metal mold is built so that plastic beads can be inserted in the mold then it is heated while rotating in an oven to coat the inside of the mold with the high density plastic. Then the Fillet Pro is filled with foam to make the table ridged. Flat surfaces is not a good thing in rotational molding so the first cleaning tables had separation issues. To keep the surface from separating and bubbling a special type of plastic beads had to be used to to give the foam a rough surface to stick to.

Shipping cost was the next issue. The dimensions of the Fillet Pro added to the delivered cost of the ultimate fish cleaning table considerably. Thanks to lengthy negotiations with UPS by the manufacturer, Akcro Plastics, the shipping cost became manageable. Fillet Pro fish cleaning tables prices now include free shipping. That is a big thing to consider when ordering products online.

Finally, the various bases for mounting the Fillet Pro had to be designed. Since there are so many mounting options, a network of local contractors is being developed to build and install every thing from basic wood bases to the ultimate custom built fish cleaning systems.

It has been a long road from concept to completion, but the Captain Dallas approved Fillet Pro fish cleaning table is now on the market.

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